Not fat, still broke.

I'm not as fat anymore but not a millionaire so still broke tbh. The idea is to be both skinny and rich by next year and change the title of this blog to something more appropriate. Here are some ideas: Thin and Rich in the city Wafer-thin and Wealthy in the city Lean and Loaded... Continue Reading →

Portion Control is Bullshit

This is a rant. The phrase "portion control" makes me want to vomit out of every orifice. Even the sound the popping P and the cutting C makes me shudder like I've been smote with the same asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. It's a horrible sounding phrase with an even more ridiculous meaning. The people... Continue Reading →

Wallowing in my own shit

There's nothing like being off work for 8 months and fucking up your sleeping pattern so badly that you struggle to get up at a reasonable, sociable hour. I know I sound like a right greasy slob right now but lately it really pains me to leave bed. In all honesty this to do with... Continue Reading →

On autopilot

I spent the most of the last 2 years on autopilot. This is something I've actively been trying to come out of in the last few months that I have been off work. For me, autopilot meant that I was letting days, months, years pass by without ever feeling or experiencing anything. I spent 2... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

No money, no job and pushing 30. My one wish for 2019 is that it isn't 2018 part 2. Ffs knowing my luck it will be. Why can't "my luck" be the kind of luck that wins euromillions when the jackpot is over £100million? One good thing is that I'm not starting 2019 fatter than... Continue Reading →

That’s life

Imagine this. It's a weekday. You get up at 6am and by the time you're ready to leave your home it's 6:45am. You spend an hour commuting to work on underground trains that only move when enough energy has been harvested from the groans of the drained commuters on board. A woman with crepe-paper skin... Continue Reading →

Hating my job

I'm a dumb sheep. I'm easily influenced and I admit to just following the herd and opting for a "safe career option" when I finsihed university. I naively thought I would be happy in an office. The marketing materials for office jobs are deceptive. In reality I was spending 12 hours of my day straining... Continue Reading →

Getting used to doing nothing

I've had about 4 months of doing nothing. The first three months I managed to effectively distract myself and in truth I wasn't genuinely doing nothing, I just wasn't at work. I was occupied though. However, for the last month I have almost exclusively been doing nothing. I'm doing nothing with a purpose. It is... Continue Reading →

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