Ways to effectively binge eat junk food in work/around people while trying to retain some shred of dignity. 

1)  Drive-by bingeing – Pretend you’ve brought some food into work to ‘share’. Strategically place the food on your path to the printer. Then do a years worth of printing and pace back and forth to the printer and exclaim to your colleagues that you’re just checking on the printing so they don’t think you’re a scheming fat savage. Every time you pass the food shove it in your mouth at break-neck pace.

2)  Opaque containers – Hide your bad diet in opaque containers. No one is ever going to believe that the kind of person who binges on fried potato and sugar is the kind of person who would go to the effort of decanting their junk food into a container.

3)  Leave fruit on your desk – you can pretend to people that you have a balanced diet and this junk food is a one off as you usually binge on fruit. Being surrounded by fruit makes you instantly around 30% healthier anyway.

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