Bodycon for bodynons 

I’m a bodynon drowning in this bodycon world.

I find it very difficult to find clothes that aren’t bodycon or bodycon-inspired in some shape or form.

As well as dresses we now seem to have bodycon tshirts, bodycon jumpers and bodycon pjs… the list goes on. The very things that are meant to be comfortable have been bodyconised.  You can even get bodycon in the maternity section although I’m not one for flaunting the shape of my perma-food baby.

Bodycon looks good on a very specific type of body but for the rest of us basic bodynons it looks like we tried to vacuum pack our freshly baked body rolls to our bodies for the sake of fashion. I’m not conning anyone with my body no matter how much bodycon I may have thrust upon me. I’ll just sit here eating my biccys and keeping my bodynon adequately fuelled.

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