I went to the gym and everything hurts


So I got a gym membership… #cliché

Today was the first day I took advantage of that membership. I’ve joined a gym that is so close to my flat I actually have no excuse not to go.

I haven’t been to a gym on the regular for close to 3 years. I decided to go to a class called Insanity. It was lead by two instructors, an easy-mode woman and an advanced-mode Italian man with abs coming out of his eyes. In the begining I got cocky and thought I could follow along to the pace that the Italian guy was setting. In my head I was like “mate this is ease”.


Literally 2 minutes in I knew it was a mistake. He was going HARD from the begining. People in the class were wooping and going “YEAH!”. I dont know why I expected any less, I mean after all the class is called “INSANITY”.

The real pangs of regret started to emerge 5 minutes in when the instructor started doing this move that required mind-body co-ordination and being able to tell left from right (which I can’t). I literally just flopped about for the duration of this move just praying for it to be over. I am beyond the shame of not being able to tell left from right, I just went along so that I can climb one flight of stairs without needing to take a nap.

The rest of the class wasn’t so horrific (I mean was still horrific in the sense that I was sweating and tired and shit). I winged the parts where he specified right or left. Towards the end I started following the easy-mode instructor as I genuinely couldn’t follow the insanity that this italian guy was trying to get me to partake in.

I’m going again next week.

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