It was a sign

So the other day I was bored af and still on my holiday from work. I also had barely any food left in my flat as I was too lazy to go outside. I did however have quite a variety of bread and some jams that needed using up. Throughout the course of the day I made toast and jam. I had toast all day. It was fantastic. In the evening, after having a main meal of toast and jam I decided I wanted some dessert so I went to make more toast and jam. I was down to my last two slices of bread.  Upon making my toast this time however, my toaster decided to express that it was through with l my toast obsession. I pressed the lever down and the two slices of bread lowered into the hot cavity. About a minute or two later my toast popped up, but this time it was burnt slightly. I was still going to eat it as I had no more bread left and I wanted desert ffs. As I pulled the charred toast from the toaster the fire alarm in the kitchen started screeching very, very loudly. When a fire alarm goes off in my flat, all of the fire alarms go off. 

All four of them. 

It was so disgustingly loud and echoey and I was panicking. Pressing the button on the fire alarm itself didn’t fucking silence the alarms. I opened the kitchen window and put the toaster in the storage cupboard (where is been ever since). Eventually the noise stopped. I was no longer hungry. I threw the toast in the bin. I took it as a sign that I’d had enough carbicide that day. 

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