Chanel + body odour

I was always unsympathetic to those who smelt like body odour on the tube. I always blamed them for being smelly, dirty people who had never had a shower and had a fragrant disregard for personal hygiene. 

I now accept my sweeping generalisation was wrong. 

See this happened to me last week. It was the day of Trump’s inauguration and I was in work all day. I had showered in the morning and applied my super strength deodorant. However slowly throughout the day the molecules of body odour started to build up on my body and on my dress. By the afternoon I smelt like a tantalising mix of Chanel and body odour.  

By the time I got on the tube I was actually one of those disgusting smelly people. 

I now accept that there is a minority of smelly people on the tube that shower and care about hygiene but still smell. Maybe their intense body odour is just triggered by Trump like mine is. 

I guess this is karma for silently aggressively judging and ranting on snapchat about these people on my daily commute. It’s not like my rants are deodorants. 

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