Family holiday

When I was younger children’s TV channels would always advertise the most ridiculous stuff if it wasn’t around Christmas time. So during the ad break for Kenan and Kel for example an ad for a 200+ CD collection of Mozart, Beethoven and chums with an extra 20 CD’s thrown in if you call now would be shown to children. Some other examples – a bald guy screaming about insane double glazing offers, overpriced “orthopaedic” beds, debt restructuring offerings… was this meant for children?

Along with these adverts there would always be ads for holiday parks within the UK. Center Parcs would always be advertised. They would show families frolicking in the woods or on their bikes.   Smiling. Laughing. The advert would be shown every ad break and eventually  even I got sucked in by the pretense (and we all know how adverse to movement I am). So I asked my parents if we could go to Center Parcs, they took us to Syria instead. 

N.B we went to Syria in the early 00’s

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