Penis swastikas

“When in Amsterdam….”

I went to Amsterdam this weekend. The joys of Amsterdam are not too blasé enough for me yet.

On the flight out I was sitting alone as my travel companion’s assigned seat was way at the front of the plane. I sat down and next to me  I was joined by a very obviously continental European man. He was indeed from the Netherlands. That was the second thing he said to me after “Hello, are you from London?”. The normality ends here. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Man: “I have something really funny to tell you, but I don’t know if I should say it”

Man: *giggling*

Man: “Do you know what I’ve been doing today? Have a guess”

Me: “idk working?”

Man (with childlike euphoria): “Yes in the Penis exhibition! I was putting together the penises for the penis exhibition”

Man and me: *uncontrollable laughter*

Man: I have something even funnier to tell you. I know I can tell you this because you have that look in your eye.

I am assuming by “look in my eye” he could sense the depraved sense of humour I was displaying ran a bit deeper. He had been working putting together a Urology exhibition in London. We had about two minutes of exchanging jokes along the lines of “putting up the penises that cant get up”. The next thing he said to me was as if someone had unleashed a bag of bare jokes over me on the fly

Man (strong dutch accent): There were penises and swastikas

Me: uwotm8

Man (while pulling out his phone): Look let me show you

Man and me: *uncontrollable laughter*

He showed a picture of an exhibition titled “Urology under the Swastika”. I think it’s a book. I haven’t googled it to find out.

We then exchanged our ages, as if we were trying to justify our laughter. There was no redemption to be found in exchanging our ages.

For the rest of the short flight, we discussed re-incarnation, our spiritual connection, work-life balance, the environment, smoking,  the 24 hour rave he was going to on Saturday, and self-sustaining living.

Overall, a pretty interesting flight.

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