Baggy underwear

I wear granny pants up to my chest and 4 sizes too big and I will never change this habit because I’m comfortable as fuck while you bitches are tight and itching. 

I never understood women’s pants. Aside from the extensive and confusing variety, most of them are too small and lace which is itchy as fuck. What the fuck are thongs? A fucking poo sling? Are they a joke?Judging by the “toilet habits” I’ve witnessed in the ladies bogs they’re just poo traps. I mean if a woman can’t flush her own shit or can’t even aim it in the bowl and leave half of it on the seat then god forbid what kind of faecal bacteria haven is going on in that £40 Ann Summers lace rubbing against her anus all day.

By the way I’m not hating on women in this post, I’m hating on women’s pants. I genuinely don’t see the point in paying £40 for something that looks like a poop slicer when I can be comfortable as shit in something for a fraction of the price. Maybe I’m just frumpy as fuck? I have witnessed male toilet habits first hand and I have several corker posts coming for those interested in equality.

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