Still fat, still broke, still whinging

… albeit in my head and not on here.

I’ve been saving you from my extreme pettiness. I think I’ve got worse over the last year so there’s plenty of material.

This time of year is always a bit of a pain for those of chunkier bodies. Summer, while still a pain, is a more defined period of heat and therefore I can plan accordingly with black xxxl tshirts and leggings.

The main problem I have with this time of year is trying to figure out if it’s coat weather or not. It was 4 degrees celsius last week and this weekend it was 28 degrees. My hot flushes don’t fluctuate as much as spring. If I mis-judge in the morning and put an extra layer of black on I am going to be sweating at lunch and on the tube on the way home? What about those days we get sun, rain, wind, sun and rain again? If I take my coat am I going to be lugging it back in my arms on a packed, hot tube? Will people open the fucking windows on the central line? Can the people who wear flip flops in public please provide barf bags for those around them? Can tourists fucking WALK OFF the end of the escalators once it gets flat so they don’t cause a fucking pile up by waiting to be slid off the end?!

I think the most obvious solution is to just stay indoors. It’s clearly too confusing to go outside.

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