Glamorous city lifestyles

I was a student in London a few years back and on my commute to and from university I would see super professional looking people on the tube. Snazzy suits, snappy shirts, shiny shoes. Riding the tube with the latest phone in hand and looking like they’re catching up on some super important emails. Too important for my inexperienced student pea-brain to comprehend because they had real work after all. These people looked like they had money and they looked professional. Perhaps rather shallowly, I would think to myself “one day maybe I can look professional rather than have it look dubious as to whether I am student or on the dole”.

I was naive.

Now that I work full-time in London I see these people differently. Every day I would commute home with the same types of people but I see them as empty and soulless. Sell-outs to a system that “rewards” them with a wad of green paper each month. Our society sees this as a measure of someone’s worth. Those emails they are frantically checking are probably bullshit that can wait. The tube at rush hour is a sea of endless wrinkled faces with skin thinned by alcohol that is a “coping mechanism”. I don’t want to be one of these people. It’s not glamorous. I am an organism of the earth not a slave to the idea of money. I should probably go back on the dole then right? I had attained a higher perspective on life back then from which I have since climbed down from.

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