Breaking my phone addiction

I’m addicted to my phone. I don’t want to be addicted to my phone but I am and I feel it’s rotting my brain. It bothers me and I’m trying to stop. My first step is admitting it to myself which is not easy as it breaks the internal fantasy I have that I’m a competent adult.

More accurately, I’m addicted to specific parts of my phone rather than the whole thing. You’re not going to find me frantically leaping out mid shower to check the compass and calculator. The main addiction for me in all honesty is Instagram and Google. Instagram does nothing for me and I’ve discussed my issues with Instagram in my previous post. On the other hand with Google, I find my self Googling some random shit and then find myself trapped in a wormhole of Googling where I keep Googling topics related to the thing I was initially Googling and so on. This wastes hours of my day and saps the life out of me before I even leave bed. No form of social media does anything constructive for me, yet I’m still on it, well except for Facebook. Anyway the only people who still engage on Facebook are boomers, gen x, and strong candidates for the Jeremy Kyle show.

I have a few ways in mind regarding how I’m going to tackle my addiction to specific parts of my phone:

  • When commuting on the tube I’m going to try writing blog posts/ideas on my phone rather than mindlessly scrolling Instagram. I feel this is a bit healthier. I’m also going to listen to audible more. I realise this is still using my phone but I’m engaging my brain rather than numbing it and I don’t fancy writing with a pen and paper on the bumpy tube. My handwriting is hard enough to understand at the best of times. By doing this I feel I’ll be able to live in the moment a bit more and fully capture sitting next to a woman scoffing a family pack Viennese wafers washed down with a lite red bull (because you know, health) rather than miss it by being in the instazone looking at an advert every third post. Posting to this blog, although no one reads it, is a much healthier form of “interaction and sharing” because I write and evaluate my thoughts. I come up with stuff I find funny and that’s all that matters. Me, laughing, at myself.
  • When travelling I will take more advantage of my audible subscription. Ideally I’d take a book but in all honesty I don’t fancy carting around a book as I’m lugging around enough baggage of my own (fat) and I like to travel around as streamlined as possible. I say this but I’m not exactly an aerodynamic form.
  • I’m going to stop leaving my phone on my side table in my bedroom at night. I’m going to leave it on the side table in my living room. This will probably help me get out of bed as I will physically have to leave the bed to turn my alarm off.

I’m setting the first few baby-steps here and we will see how it goes. The way I see it if I’m going to make a conscious effort to look after my body eating better lately I may as well do the same with my mind.

Ultimately, my phone is still a useful tool to have with me but I need to see it as that, a tool, not a timesink sucking time from my short existence.

I’m also keen to avoid “tech-neck” as I get closer to 30.

Also, side note. People eating on the tube is disgusting. There’s a woman opposite me slurping some Itsu chicken noodle soup with chopsticks. How can people not have enough time to prioritise eating? People are so fucking dumb it astounds me the lack of self care some people have. Some people get so into the grind of daily life that it just makes them do astoundingly dumb shit. It’s not elegant to look at, she’s literally forcing noodles into her mouth while spilling chicken soup on her scarf. She’s also dropped the lid to her soup and doesn’t look to be picking it up anytime soon. Each to their own but I’m not about that life.

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