Portion Control is Bullshit

This is a rant.

The phrase “portion control” makes me want to vomit out of every orifice. Even the sound the popping P and the cutting C makes me shudder like I’ve been smote with the same asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. It’s a horrible sounding phrase with an even more ridiculous meaning. The people who say it are usually some purse-lipped, lacking-in-fat-soluble-vitamins nutritional “authority”. They are simply a walking learn and churn directory. They are incapable of critically analysing the shit they spew from their own mouths. Portion control is ridiculous. We should be eating high quality foods until our bodies tell us we are satiated and not portioning out processed wheat and sugar junk from a factory. If you want portion control, portion down processed foods to zero because they are poision. If it comes from a packet it’s poison, not food. Our ancestors did not adhere to the disciplines of portion control because they were not faced with a plethora of manufactured “foodstuffs” that have a zillion ingredients (you can’t say out loud) added to them. Maybe it is in fact what we eat rather than fucking portion control. Margarine should be banned.

I used to exercise portion control and it made me miserable. Now I just eat better quality organic food and cook at home all the time rather than eating out. The most processed thing I eat nowadays is cheese or peanut butter (ingredients salt and peanuts only). I’ve lost nearly 25kg doing so.

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