Mediocre life path

Job adverts for graduates are such bullshit. Many of these places advertise that you will "excel in your career". Excel 2007 more like. If a life of mediocrity in meetings while draped in Louis Vuitton and surrounded by humourless shells is something you want then gfi. At least the LV makes you feel like you're... Continue Reading →

It was a sign

So the other day I was bored af and still on my holiday from work. I also had barely any food left in my flat as I was too lazy to go outside. I did however have quite a variety of bread and some jams that needed using up. Throughout the course of the day... Continue Reading →

Blueberry muffins

I've developed an obsession with blueberry muffins. I've always spent my calorie budget (like there is one) on crisps but lately I've been gorging on blueberry muffins. This obsession started when I went to my local Le Pain Quotidien and tried their blueberry muffin. It wasn't too sweet which I liked. The danger here is... Continue Reading →

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