Nameless suits floating around the city

One thing I have observed while working in the City of London is the amount of empty suits rushing around from one business meeting to the next. They often have perfect estate-agent-eque slick gelled hair.  I guess I'm essentially painting a picture of what the rat-race looks like. I have never really understood the point... Continue Reading →

Penis swastikas

"When in Amsterdam...." I went to Amsterdam this weekend. The joys of Amsterdam are not too blasé enough for me yet. On the flight out I was sitting alone as my travel companion's assigned seat was way at the front of the plane. I sat down and next to me  I was joined by a... Continue Reading →

Premature peaking

In 2009 I had a jewfro and a thigh gap. I peaked in life in 2009 ffs. This is 100% true. I am actually in shock after discovering that I once used to have a thigh gap. This was obviously before I discovered "sharing" bags of crisps. Tbh no thigh gap tastes better than the... Continue Reading →

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