Millennial dream

Like, actually too much effort though mate When I was significantly heavier and used to actually do sweet fa with my life movement was such an effort. I remember laying in bed one time watching some shit YouTube videos and eating butter from the tub because I genuinely couldn't be arsed to go out and... Continue Reading →

It was a sign

So the other day I was bored af and still on my holiday from work. I also had barely any food left in my flat as I was too lazy to go outside. I did however have quite a variety of bread and some jams that needed using up. Throughout the course of the day... Continue Reading →

Bodycon for bodynons 

I'm a bodynon drowning in this bodycon world. I find it very difficult to find clothes that aren't bodycon or bodycon-inspired in some shape or form. As well as dresses we now seem to have bodycon tshirts, bodycon jumpers and bodycon pjs... the list goes on. The very things that are meant to be comfortable... Continue Reading →

Instant fat

I'm home for Christmas. I naively told myself that I was above binge eating my way through to the new year. This was a fallacious argument. The fact is, I've been home roughly 24 hours and I've devoured so many Pringles that my hand no longer fits in the tube. I've had acid reflux all... Continue Reading →

Eclipse 2017

Booked my hotel for the eclipse 2017. Chose Salem, Oregon as I could still find accommodation at a reasonable price on those dates and it's in the path of totality. Funny thing is my hotel is within 30 min walk of a Walmart. I've always wanted to go to a Walmart out of morbid curiosity.... Continue Reading →

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