Great American Eclipse

I know it's been a while since I've posted. LOL Anyway... About a month ago me and a friend I have known for 10 years flew half way across the world to drive the entire length (almost) of a country. We started at Seattle and finished in LA.  Half way through our trip we stopped... Continue Reading →

Chanel + body odour

I was always unsympathetic to those who smelt like body odour on the tube. I always blamed them for being smelly, dirty people who had never had a shower and had a fragrant disregard for personal hygiene.  I now accept my sweeping generalisation was wrong.  See this happened to me last week. It was the... Continue Reading →

I called it 

Last week I told some people that I predict Trump would win with a 90% chance. This prediction was not based on the usual kind of evidence people base their predictions on. This was a purely philosophical prediction. I am now going to make another prediction. On Inauguration Day, if it is windy, I give... Continue Reading →

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