Getting used to doing nothing

I've had about 4 months of doing nothing. The first three months I managed to effectively distract myself and in truth I wasn't genuinely doing nothing, I just wasn't at work. I was occupied though. However, for the last month I have almost exclusively been doing nothing. I'm doing nothing with a purpose. It is... Continue Reading →

tv friends

I've been off work for a while now and I'm in a self-imposed exile from my friends. I'm no longer getting up at 5:45am and rushing out to get the tube to work. Oh no,  I have a whole new routine now. So I wake up at about 8am and get ready for the day.... Continue Reading →

Family holiday

When I was younger children's TV channels would always advertise the most ridiculous stuff if it wasn't around Christmas time. So during the ad break for Kenan and Kel for example an ad for a 200+ CD collection of Mozart, Beethoven and chums with an extra 20 CD's thrown in if you call now would... Continue Reading →

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