Mediocre life path

Job adverts for graduates are such bullshit. Many of these places advertise that you will "excel in your career". Excel 2007 more like. If a life of mediocrity in meetings while draped in Louis Vuitton and surrounded by humourless shells is something you want then gfi. At least the LV makes you feel like you're... Continue Reading →

Great American Eclipse

I know it's been a while since I've posted. LOL Anyway... About a month ago me and a friend I have known for 10 years flew half way across the world to drive the entire length (almost) of a country. We started at Seattle and finished in LA.  Half way through our trip we stopped... Continue Reading →

36h Stage fright 

So I went to the South Coast to visit some friends on the weekend. They were kind enough to let me stay with them. Unfortunately this meant I was unable to shit for nearly 2 days. I tried to shit but kept getting stage fright. We went hiking and I carried round a massive shit... Continue Reading →

Baggy underwear

I wear granny pants up to my chest and 4 sizes too big and I will never change this habit because I'm comfortable as fuck while you bitches are tight and itching.  I never understood women's pants. Aside from the extensive and confusing variety, most of them are too small and lace which is itchy... Continue Reading →

Chanel + body odour

I was always unsympathetic to those who smelt like body odour on the tube. I always blamed them for being smelly, dirty people who had never had a shower and had a fragrant disregard for personal hygiene.  I now accept my sweeping generalisation was wrong.  See this happened to me last week. It was the... Continue Reading →

Bodycon for bodynons 

I'm a bodynon drowning in this bodycon world. I find it very difficult to find clothes that aren't bodycon or bodycon-inspired in some shape or form. As well as dresses we now seem to have bodycon tshirts, bodycon jumpers and bodycon pjs... the list goes on. The very things that are meant to be comfortable... Continue Reading →

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